Firstly, thank you for your enquiry. We would love to help you make your special day become an unforgettable, show stopping event. We hope the information given below answers all your questions. However, if you have any further questions or need more guidance in creating the perfect bespoke event please head to our enquire page and get in touch today.


You can find our enquiry form under the enquiry tab at the top of the page. We will respond to your enquiry at the earliest opportunity with a quote specific to your event.


We ask for a 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit within 7 days on receipt of invoice.

This deposit secures your date, hire inventory and allows us to order in your bespoke materials ready to create your design. Until this deposit is received your booking is considered tentative and is NOT confirmed. If you are not able to make the deposit within the required timeframe for any reason please contact us to arrange an extension. Failing to pay the deposit will result in an automatic cancellation of your invoice.

The balance owing is require 14 days prior to your event. If full payment is not received within these prescribed times, Seekee Events reserves the right to cancel the booking.

We do not offer refunds. However, with sufficient notice we do offer one date change subject to availability.

We recommend you book with us at least 2 weeks prior to your event to avoid disappointment. 


Seekee Events are a Brisbane based company servicing Brisbane to Gold Coast. Delivery fees will vary depending on venue location, type of inventory hired, accessibility into venue including parking, entry access and stairs etc. Setup and break down is included in the delivery price. Unfortunately, we do not offer DIY setup for any of our backdrops and props. Please head over to our enquiry page for accurate delivery fees specific to your event. 


One of the benefits to hiring Seekee Events for your special day is that we will take care of everything for you. This includes delivery, full setup, collection and break down at the end of your event so you can kick back, relax and enjoy your day. 


Every event is unique, the time required for set up will be determined by the size of the event,  location, access, hire inventory, and the level of intricacy required for any balloon installations being carried out.

Please be sure to communicate all information relating to your event and location in order for us to correctly calculate all logistics. If your event is at a venue please provide us with those details so we can arrange delivery, set up and collection options with management.


While the props and balloon installations can be setup outdoors in perfect weather conditions, they are not designed to withstand long periods of harsh sunlight nor are they designed to be left outside in the rain. If deciding on an outdoor location please keep in mind that windy areas are not recommended. Ultimately, you are responsible for the care of props and equipment while they are in your possession. Any damaged acquired will incur a fee. Please read below for full terms and conditions. 


We only use premium branded products. This ensures the quality and finish to our designs are highest quality. 

In the correct circumstances/environment, our displays can last up to six weeks. We've even had customers send pictures of their designs still up 3 months later!


Balloons react to your environment. Ideally, latex balloons should be in a cool area and out of direct sunlight.

Balloons should also be kept away from cold conditions and radiators that are on. Temperature can make latex shrink, stretch and pop. So looking after them is super important!


Indoor installations can last up to 6 weeks but we advise for outdoor installations to be set up the day of your event.



  1. Hire Conditions as per Seeker Events web site, , which conditions the hirer is deemed to have read and understood.

  2. Ownership of Property, in hired equipment, shall remain with GC Event Hire and shall not pass, nor shall it be deemed to pass, to hirer in any circumstances whatsoever.

  3. Seekee Events has no obligation whatsoever to insure hired equipment.

  4. Hirer shall be responsible for the security of hired equipment whilst it is in hirer’s possession or control. Hirer shall indemnify, and keep indemnified, Seekee Events against all loss and damage to hired equipment occurring during the period of hire as a result of not securing the equipment.

  5. Hirer shall return hired equipment to Seekee Events in thoroughly clean condition. If hired equipment is not so cleaned, hirer shall pay the GC Event Hire cleaning costs at a rate of $55.00 per hour plus GST.

  6. Hirer shall return hired equipment to GC Event Hire in as good condition and repair as at date hiring commenced. Should the hirer fail to do so, the hirer shall be responsible for all costs incurred by GC Event Hire in making good, or replacing, the equipment.

  7. GC Event Hire hereby puts the hirer on notice that paper, dyes and other material, used in manufacturing paper streamers, permanently damage the material used in manufacturing marquees. In particular, dyes run from streamer material into marquee material causing permanent staining. Thereby the marquees are so damaged as to render them unfit for further use. Marquees and other similar hired equipment damaged in that way will be regarded by GC Event Hire as irreparably damaged, with the hirer being responsible for damage as per Clause 6 above.

  8. Hirer will not use or operate, or suffer to be used or operated, any bar-b-que or spit or open flame or other cooking device in, or close to, any marquee hired from GC Event Hire.

  9. When GC Event Hire is to erect hire equipment, the hirer will give GC Event Hire full and accurate details of all underground obstructions and rock base, and/or all installations for electricity and water and gas drainage, and other things in/or under site at which hired equipment is to be erected by GC Event Hire, when such erection is part of the hire contract. If hirer fails to properly inform GC Event Hire, or misinforms GC Event Hire, then hirer shall be solely liable for all damage resulting therefrom. If hirer’s failure to properly notify results in delay in erecting hired equipment, additional erection time shall be paid for by hirer to GC Event Hire at rate of $55.00 per hour per staff member on site.

  10. Interruptions on Site: Should GC Event Hire staff be interrupted or delayed in their delivery or set up of equipment due to delays caused by the Organiser or his agents, GC Event Hire will charge $55.00 per hour, per man, on site until work resumes.

  11. Hirer has relied on hirer’s own judgement in selecting hired equipment. GC Event Hire does not warrant fitness or suitability of hired equipment for purpose for which it is hired. GC Event Hire has made no representation to hirer as to such fitness, or suitability of equipment. GC Event Hire is not apprised of purpose for which hirer has hired out equipment. GC Event Hire shall not be liable for any loss or damage (whether or not to personal property) howsoever arising from use of hired equipment during period of hire. It is the intent of GC Event Hire, and hirer, that hirer shall indemnify GC Event Hire and shall keep GC Event Hire indemnified. The hirer promises to do so, against all and any such liability in respect of damages and costs and charges and expenses in respect thereof.

  12. The choice of the event site or location for the hired equipment is the sole responsibility of the hirer and GC Event Hire does not accept any responsibility nor in any way warrants the suitability of the event site or location.

  13. GC Event Hire has only quoted on the items listed on the quote/tender and unless specifically listed the quote/tender makes no allowance for any external ramps or devices required to meet the requirements of the Disability and Discrimination Act 1992 (Cwth) or similar legislation in place in the jurisdiction where the hired goods are to be located.  Such legislatively compliant ramps and devices are outside the normal scope of GC Event Hire works and if required will be costed separately and must be evidenced in writing.  GC Event Hire recommends the hirer seek advice on disability legislative requirements from the appropriate regulator or a suitably qualified and experienced consultant.  The hirer agrees that GC Event Hire is not itself in any way responsible for ensuring that any direction or instruction given to it by the hirer, its servants, agents or consultants regarding disability legislation, regulations or protocols is accurate and GC Event Hire will be entitled to assume that it is.

  14. Hired equipment shall be used by hirer at the site specified in schedule hereto, and at no other site without GC Event Hire’s express written permission being first given. Use of hired equipment off specified site shall be deemed an unlawful conversion by hirer of hired equipment.

  15. Hirer shall be on site, specified in schedule, when hired equipment is delivered to the site by GC Event Hire, and when hired equipment is collected from the site by GC Event Hire. If hirer is not on site, specified at time of delivery or collection, GC Event Hire shall unload or load (as the case may be) equipment in hirer’s absence. Then GC Event Hire’s assessment of quantities and condition of hired equipment delivered or collected by GC Event Hire in hirer’s absence shall bind hirer.

  16. Hirer will stack hired equipment ready for collection on site, specified in schedule, at a position which is readily accessible to GC Event Hire’s collection vehicle.

  17. Hirer will ensure that GC Event Hire has full free and lawful right to ingress, egress and regress to site, and position on site, at which hired equipment is located, or positioned, from time to time, and at all times by day and night during period of hire.

  18. Hirer agrees that GC Event Hire can use any photographs and images of their event for promotional purposes including as examples of our work and in any brochure, newsletter, manual, report, website or other media, and such use may include Hirer’s name or other Intellectual Property as it appears in the materials, and GC Event Hire may also alter the materials to remove such name or other Intellectual Property without prior approval as to any such use or alteration

  19. GC Event Hire shall be at liberty to remove or recover or retrieve hired equipment at any time, before, during and after period of hire. GC Event Hire shall be at liberty to terminate hire at any time, before, during and after period of hire.

  20. Payment is required on receipt of goods, unless prior arrangements have been made.

  21. Should any Local Government, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services or other Regulatory Authority fees, charges or Permits apply to the Hire, the Hirer will meet all such fees and charges and obtain any Permits at the Hirer’s expense unless GC Event Hire expressly agrees to pay such fees and charges and to obtain such Permits in which circumstances such fees, charges and the cost of such Permits will form part of the Quote.

  22. Deposits paid at time of booking are non refundable.

  23. Cancellation fee. If hire is cancelled prior to set up , but less than 7 days prior, a 50% holding fee of booking applies (less any deposit paid) . If hire is cancelled after set up, the full cost of hire applies.

  24. Hirer shall be charged, and shall pay from commencement date, until time at which the hired equipment is returned to, and in actual possession of, GC Event Hire.

  25. Hirer shall pay GC Event Hire total cost of cartage, for delivery and collection of hired equipment.

  26. Provisions of clause 10 shall endure not only for the benefit of GC Event Hire, but also for the benefit of GC Event Hire’s servants, employees and agents and each of them.

  27. The conditions of the hire bind GC Event Hire, its administrators, successors and permitted assignees and the hirer and its administrators, successors and permitted assignees.

  28. If any provision of this hire agreement is held invalid, irrevocable or illegal for any reason then that provision will be deemed deleted and this Agreement will otherwise remain in full force and effect.

  29. If the hirer is a company the hirer agrees to provide guarantees by its directors of the hirer’s obligations pursuant to this hire agreement. For claims based on a defect in the quality or condition of the goods hired or the failure of the goods to correspond to specification, the Hirer must notify GC Event Hire in writing of the defect or failure within seven (7) days of the hired goods being delivered.

  30. Where such a claim is admitted GC Event Hire shall have the right either to replace the hired goods (in whole or in part) at no charge to the Hirer or at the sole discretion of GC Event Hire refund to the Hirer the price of the hire (or a proportionate part thereof) subject to the hired goods being returned to GC Event Hire in the same condition as delivered to the Hirer. Once GC Event Hire has exercised its right to either replace the hired goods (in whole or in part) or refund to the Hirer the amount paid for the hire (or a proportionate part thereof), the Hirer agrees it shall have no further right or claim against GC Event Hire in respect of the defect or failure to correspond to specification.